High-Quality, Authentic Experiences to Support the Local Community

Our Mission: Bamboo Ecotours is dedicated to providing high-quality, authentic experiences that support the local community and create unforgettable memories.

Bamboo Ecotours is a grass-roots social enterprise that was established to provide unique travel experiences to people who want to explore the scenic beauty of Uganda – The Pearl of Africa! Our company is guided by two primary objectives: to provide high-quality services and authentic travel experiences to our clients and secondly, to promote tourism as a means to transform the livelihoods of communities adjacent to major tourist hot spots. Bamboo Ecotours is a registered company authorized by the Ugandan government to run tours and travel activities in Uganda. All trips we operate fully comply with local regulations and laws.

As locals, we understand the culture, history, and geography of our destinations, which allows us to provide travel experiences to our clients beyond simply visiting the mountain gorillas. Bamboo Ecotours strives to use tourism as a way to provide opportunities for local people. We invest up to 15% of our income directly into community projects such as building schools, water catchment systems, and health centers. By integrating local experiences into wildlife tours and investing in community development projects around the Bwindi and Mgahinga National Parks, we use tourism as a positive resource to improve the livelihoods of wildlife ecotourism-dependent communities. We also provide entrepreneurial training to the local people running small businesses and encourage them to reinvest the earned income to improve people’s livelihoods.​

Our approach to travel is unique in that we link travelers to spectacular wildlife (gorillas, chimps, wildlife viewing), authentic cultures, and unforgettable local experiences that directly benefit the traveler as well as the local communities. Our office is located in Kisoro town, right at the Uganda-Rwanda border, which makes it much easier for Bamboo Ecotours to organize gorilla trekking tours to Bwindi National Park via Kigali, Rwanda.

Meet Our Team

Bamboo Ecotours’ Travel Specialists

Edison, the owner of Bamboo Ecotours, Uganda.
Edison – Director & Founder

A seasoned traveler and international development professional, Edison launched Bamboo Ecotours travel agency in 2012 to provide gorilla trekking and wildlife safari adventures to travelers interested in exploring the serene beauty of Uganda. Growing up in the community adjacent to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Kisoro District, Edison’s interest in tourism-based enterprises was sparked at a tender age. He sees tourism as an entry point to improve the welfare of wildlife tourism-dependent communities, who are oftentimes left out of the larger ecotourism value chain. Edison has traveled extensively in Africa, Europe, and North America and this international exposure helps him to meet clients’ needs and expectations.

Kisoro Organic Coffee Farm
Joan – Admin Assistant

Joan is our front desk officer managing our office operations in Kisoro town. If you are in Kisoro on a safari to Bwindi National Park for gorilla trekking and you may stop-by the office, you will meet Joan.

Gerald, Bamboo Ecotours' general manager..
Gerald – General Manager

A travel enthusiast, Gerald is the overall General Manager for operations. Gerald’s duties include, but are not limited to, team leadership, ground operations, strategy, and liaising with all partners.

Bamboo Ecotours tour guide, Godfrey Nkunda
Godfrey Nkunda– Travel Consultant

Godfrey Nkunda is one of the excellently talented safari guides at Bamboo Ecotours, leading trips mainly in Rwanda and western Uganda. Godrey holds a Diploma in Tourism from Jinja Tourism Training Institute.

Herbert, a Bamboo Ecotours guide.
Herbert – Travel Specialist

Herbert grew up near the boundaries of Mgahinga National Park, where he developed a love for nature and wildlife. The more Herbert interacted with tourists visiting his village, the more he realized that he wanted to become a tour guide someday. Herbert subsequently joined YMCA Kampala to study professional tour guiding and successfully graduated with a Diploma in Tourism and Travel Management. At Bamboo Ecotours, Herbert guides gorilla trekking safaris and other nature-based tours across Uganda and Rwanda.

Bamboo Ecotours tour guide at Kidepo valley
Fred – Travel Specialist

Fred is one of our talented tour guides, leading trips across Uganda and Rwanda.

Godfrey, safari guide, Bamboo Ecotours
Godfrey Mukiza – Travel Specialist

Godfrey was born in a small village near the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Growing up close to the tourist destination made him interested in tour guiding. He is a very committed, humble, and dedicated guide with significant experience in; wildlife, African culture, and Tourism.

Compliance with Uganda government company regulations

The Registrar of Companies in Uganda has fully registered Bamboo Ecotours since 2012. The legal company name is “Bamboo Ecotours (Uganda) Limited,” with registration number 154979. We are legally authorized to carry out tours and safari activities in Uganda, as mandated by the Companies Act of 2012.

Bamboo Ecotours has a trading license issued by Kisoro Municipal Council, where our office is based.

Bamboo Ecotours is registered with the Uganda Revenue Authority for tax purposes. Our Tax Identification (TIN) is available upon request.

Bamboo Ecotours is a fully accredited member of the Association of Uganda Tour Operators (opens in a new tab)(AUTO).

Bamboo Ecotours is licensed by Uganda Tourist Board (opens in a new tab)(UTB). Our license certificate is available upon request.

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