Bamboo Ecotours Booking Terms and Conditions Policy

Please make sure to read the following terms and conditions set by Bamboo Ecotours regarding our safari services. It is entirely upon the client to read and understand these terms and conditions before finalizing a safari with Bamboo Ecotours. We welcome questions in case there is anything that needs further clarification.

1) Proposed Itinerary: Upon receiving an inquiry, Bamboo Ecotours will propose activities and lodging options for the safari. All proposed activities and accommodation facilities are not considered final until the trip is paid for and confirmed by both the client and Bamboo Ecotours in writing.

2) Tour Inclusions: All tours specify what is included in the itinerary when the tour is confirmed between Bamboo Ecotours and the client. Bamboo Ecotours will work with the client to arrange activities, transport, park entrance fees, guides, lodging, and meals requested by the client. Bamboo Ecotours is in no way obliged to cover any expenses not included in the agreed itinerary with the client.

3) Tour Exclusions: Bamboo Ecotours does not cover international flights, travel medical insurance, emergency evacuation insurance, visa fees, drinks of any kind, gifts, tips, and other costs not included in the trip itinerary. In some instances, a tourist visa to DR Congo may be included in the quotation, and domestic flights within Uganda may be covered.

4) Travel Medical Insurance: The client’s responsibility is to arrange sufficient and reliable travel medical insurance during the trip. Clients are advised to seek advice from their physicians on medications needed for the trip. We also recommend checking with your physician if any medication is needed for your trip (e.g., Malaria prevention medicine).

5) Pricing Policy: All tours are quoted in USD. The quotation and terms therein agreed by Bamboo Ecotours and the client are final. However, when the booking is made in advance for gorilla permits, and suddenly there comes a statutory raise in gorilla permit trekking fees, Bamboo Ecotours reserves the right to revise, change, or alter the agreed tour quotation and itinerary to cover for the changes in trekking rates.

6) Gorilla Trekking Permits: Gorilla trekking permits are the property of the Uganda Wildlife Authority & Rwanda Development Board and are subject to availability. Bamboo Ecotours can only guarantee the availability of trekking permits after receiving the payment. We encourage all prospective clients to make a reservation for trekking permits way in advance of trekking. A 100% full payment for gorilla permits is mandatory when booking at least three months before the tracking date. Gorilla trekking permit fees are 100% non-refundable but, in rare circumstances, may be transferable to other customers.

7) Chimpanzee Trekking Permits: Chimpanzee trekking at Kibale National Park can be done in the morning or afternoon, depending on the permits’ availability. Bamboo Ecotours reserves the right to reserve chimpanzee trekking permits for the morning session or afternoon shifts without prior consultation with the client.

8) Cancellation & Refund Policy (excludes gorilla permits): Cancellation requests must be in writing. Bamboo Ecotours reserves the right not to honor any cancellation requests not issued in writing.

  • When cancellation is effected 45-30 days before the trip, a 15% charge will apply.
  • When cancellation is effected 29-14 days before the trip, a 25% charge will apply.
  • We will charge 50% on cancellations made within 13-2 days.
  • For cancellation done within 48 hours or less, clients should not expect any refund.
  • If the cancellation of the trip is triggered by a global pandemic or major issue in the country for the tour that cannot permit the tour to run as planned, Bamboo Ecotours will communicate with the client on the next steps to reschedule the trip to a future date.

Bamboo Ecotours reserves the right to deduct all processing fees and bank dues before cancellation is finalized. For cancellation of gorilla permits, refer to policy #6 above.

9) Changing your booking: After your booking has been confirmed, should you wish to make any changes to your itinerary or if you would like an earlier departure date, we will make every effort to accommodate your requests based on availability. However, there may be extra costs involved to accommodate your request. These costs are in addition to the fee quoted to you for your initial safari. Normal cancellation fees apply if you wish to postpone your departure.

10) Invoices and Payments: Once the client has determined to purchase a tour and agreed with Bamboo Ecotours on the final rates, an invoice will be issued to the client. Payment should be scheduled following the terms stipulated in the invoice. Once Bamboo Ecotours receive the payment, a confirmation of receipt shall be shared with the client. Payments can be made via a secure credit card portal or through an international bank transfer. The payment details will be included in the invoice for the trip.

11) Accommodation: Bamboo Ecotours will prioritize reserving accommodation proposed in the safari itinerary. However, accommodation is subject to availability, especially around national parks. If a proposed lodging option is not available at the time the tour is confirmed, Bamboo Ecotours reserves the right to reserve alternative accommodation. Bamboo Ecotours will reserve alternative lodging within any distance to the tour activity point as long as the distance does not impede the client from enjoying the benefits of the tour. We serve clients interested in budget, mid-range, and luxury accommodation options. Clients interested in luxury accommodation should expect higher rates for tours.

12. Gorilla & Chimp Trekking Age

The minimum age to trek mountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda is 15 years, and 12 years is the minimum age for chimp trekking.

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