Sustainable & Ethical Gorilla Tourism in Uganda

Bamboo Ecotours is one of the leading tour operators promoting sustainable, eco-friendly, and ethical gorilla trekking in Uganda, particularly at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. We are local entrepreneurs promoting ecotourism as a means to improve the livelihoods of wildlife ecotourism-dependent communities. As our company name suggests, Bamboo Ecotours promotes gorilla tours with a smaller environmental footprint and greater economic benefit to the local communities.

It is well known that tourism has great potential to contribute to local economic development. In the same respect, Bamboo Ecotours sees tourism as a means to promote community development. Mountain gorilla trekking tours benefiting local communities at Bwindi National Park in Uganda are at the center of Bamboo Ecotours’ gorilla tourism strategy.

​All Bamboo Ecotours gorilla trekking adventures contribute to local development around Uganda gorilla parks in the following ways:

  • All our guides/drivers are from disadvantaged communities around the parks.
  • We invest up to 15% of our revenue into community development projects such as paying school fees for disadvantaged students and installing water catchment systems.
  • Promoting environmental education and sustainability programs in community schools.
  • Incorporating community-based tourism activities(opens in a new tab) into our gorilla trekking tours, such as canoeing activities at Lake Mutanda, the Batwa Cultural Experience, and agritourism activities like our coffee-making experience.
  • Marketing and promotion of domestic tourism through initiatives such as Kigezi Travel Guide, an online marketplace(opens in a new tab) for tours, activities, and attractions in the Kigezi sub-region in southwestern Uganda.

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