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Visit Lake Mutanda and Trek Gorillas in Bwindi Forest

Winners Beach at Lake Mutanda, Kisoro

Lake Mutanda, a little-known jewel, hidden in southwestern Uganda’s mountainous landscape in Kisoro district – accessed through Kampala, Mbarara, and Kabale highway. Lake Mutanda is about 528 km away from the capital city of Uganda. It is one of the scenic lakes in Uganda, in many ways similar to Lake Bunyonyi (also known as the place of little birds) and Lake Chahafi (also known as ‘shortcut’ in the local Bafumbira language) located in the lush and verdant sprawling hills and mountains of Kisoro district.

Lake Mutanda‘s amazing scenery is set against a stunning background of cloudy peaks of the Virunga mountain ranges that span the border of Uganda, Congo, and Rwanda. Uganda shares three of the prominent eight massif volcanoes –Mount Muhabura ‘the guide’ standing at 4,127meters, Mount Gahinga –‘pile of stones’ at 3,474meters, and Mount Sabyinyo – ‘old man’s teeth’ at 3,669m above the sea level.

Lake Mutanda, a fresh, clear water body, is dotted by 15 islands (punishment, kyangushu, mutanda, kyotsa, mayunge, kamakoma, mutike, kinyonyi, among others). Out of the 15 islands in Lake Mutanda, the Mutanda Island (the largest island) named after the lake itself is the only island inhabited by the local community of the Abagesera clan. The Abagesera clan occupies a piece of island at Mutanda island. The inhabitants of Mutanda island grow various crops, including sugarcane, matoke, beans, maize, and passion fruits (amatunda).

Visit Lake Mutanda and enjoy the top fun activities at Lake Mutanda, including;

  • Canoeing
  • Bird watching
  • Historical island visits
  • Bird watching
  • Otter viewing
  • Community visits

For details about activities to do at Lake Mutanda, follow this link.


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