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Batwa Community Cultural Experience in Kisoro

Batwa cultural experience

Explore the traditions, history, and culture of the Batwa indigenous community in the Kisoro district.

The Batwa Cultural Experience is a community tour in Kisoro district during gorilla trekking in Uganda. The cultural tour takes visitors to a Batwa community village near Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. During the 3-4hr visit, guests will learn about the Batwa history and their eviction from the forests in the early 1990s. Before their removal, the Batwa livelihoods solely depended on the forest economy, mainly through hunting and fruit gathering.

The Batwa community experience offers a glimpse into this marginalized community’s historical lifestyles from the perspective of village life. The community experience will consist of showcasing cultural norms, singing, and dancing. The Batwa Cultural experience is part of the Bamboo Ecotours initiative to link community-based tourism activities with the growing gorilla tourism. The revenue raised from the community tour goes directly to support the livelihood needs of the Batwa households.

Please note that this tour takes place in the village and is not the same as the Batwa Trail Tour done inside Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. For the Batwa Trail managed by Uganda Wildlife Authority, check this Link.

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